Take a Virtual Tour of Our Museum or Over 30 Other Museums in West Nova

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Take Our Virtual Tour

Thank you for taking the time to take a virtual tour of our Museum. We hope the experience will help you to be become better acquainted with our wonderful facility. After completing our tour, why not continue to explore other Museums throughout Western Nova Scotia by clicking on the below link or on the image to the right.

Both of the tours will open in a 'pop-up' window.

Visit over 30 other museums in our area!

You can take a 360° Virtual Tour of over 30 other Museums in our area by clicking HERE or on the image to the right.

When the Tour 'pop-up' window opens you can navigate to different Museums by dropping down the list in the top right hand corner and choosing a new Museum to explore. The list is alphabetical beginning with the Admiral Digby Museum and ending with Yarmouth County Museum and Archives, 32 in all.

You can navigate the screen by using the buttons at the bottom, or by using your computer's mouse. By holding down the left side button and moving the pointer left, right, up or down and by scrolling in and out to see objects up close or to widen the view, you can easily and quickly change your viewing perspective.

Helpful Hints for Taking a Positive Virtual Tour

  • Click on the 'Take Our Virtual Tour' link or on the image in the top left to take the Yarmouth County Museum virtual tour.
  • Click on the 'HERE' link or on the image in the above right to take the Multiple Museum Virtual Tour.
  • Both tours will open in a 'pop-up' window with navigation buttons at the bottom.
  • In the Multiple Museum Tour, change Museums by droppping down the list in the top right corner and choosing a new Museum.
  • Navigate through each room by using the buttons or your computer's mouse. Hold down the left mouse button and move left or right, up or down. You can also scroll in or out to see objects up close or to see a wider view of the room.
  • Change areas by dropping down the arrow in the top left of the window and clicking on a new room.
  • Click on a yellow circle with a question mark to discover information about artifacts and objects of interest. Close the information 'pop-up' box by clicking on the X in the top right corner of the box.
  • Music can be changed by dropping down the arrow below the music player and selecting another song. Music can also be stopped , paused and played by using the buttons on the player. Voiceovers are usually only a few seconds long and cannot be turned off.
  • Each Museum's hours of operation can be displayed by clicking on the 'Show/Hide Hours' button in the bottom left.

Enjoy the virtual tour(s) and come in to the Yarmouth County Museum sometime for an actual tour.

News and Events

2019 News and Events 
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Available until July 31

Please note: The Pelton-Fuller House, Killam Brothers Shipping Office and the Archives will be closed for the entire day on July 20. The Museum will remain open. Also, there will be no Pelton-Fuller tours and the Archives and Killam Bros Shipping Office will be closed on July 19 between 12pm-5pm due to yard sale set-up (the museum will be open). 

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