Historical Society Membership 

Some of the Benefits of Membership:

  • unlimited free admission to the Yarmouth County Museum
  • free access to the Archival Research Center and Library
  • free access to the Latter Day Saints Family History Center (396 Pleasant St.)
  • reduced research by mail fees
  • 10% discount on most purchases at the Mast Head Gift Shop
  • participation in interesting monthly Society meetings, each with a special social hour
  • free subscription to our monthly newsletter, The Historigram
  • special interest group activities in family history, educational programs, house and garden tours, and more!
  • fulfilling volunteer projects, such as costume department, museum guides, display set-ups, artifact cataloging, and archival work
  • best of all, helping to meet the challenges of preserving Yarmouth County's fascinating history!

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Please make cheques payable to: YARMOUTH COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY (US residents, please pay in US dollars, in order to offset mailing costs). Memberships run for the calendar year and should be renewed each January.

Online payment available soon