The Historigram and Society Reports

The annual Historical Society reports offer information on events, volunteers, artifact acquisitions, visitor and website statistics, finances, the progress of various projects, and other matters important to the Society.

The Historigram, a monthly newsletter available free to all members of the Yarmouth County Historical Society, offers news, photos, and articles on our county's history. Older editions of the Historigram are made available on this site. If you would like to read more current issues of the Historigram, become a Society member. The Historigram is edited by Mary Louise Killam.

Great Stories from the Historigram

Yarmouth Immigrant Isaac Smofsky: A Fascinating Story!
By Peter Eldridge (February 2009)

For anyone interested in history, and the history of (Jewish) immigrants in particular, the story of Isaac Smofsky is a unique account, a classic historical narrative of the life of an early immigrant to Canada -- and to the Yarmouth area! 

Places of Worship - and Christmas - in the 'Village' of Yarmouth!
By Peter Eldridge (December 2008)

In photos of Yarmouth during the late 1800s, the tall spires of numerous churches are clearly visible. Today, it is well worth a brief tour of half-a-dozen blocks in South End Yarmouth to observe where things were historically, and what survives to this day.

Slavery in Canada: The Long Journey to Yarmouth
By Sharon Robart-Johnson (February 2008)

Canada had its own two hundred year legacy of slavery! As said by the writer of the article In Bondage, Tom Derreck, 'Canada has its own two hundred year old slave skeleton rattling about in its national closet.' Yarmouth, unfortunately, is no exception.