Museum - General

The museum houses an extensive collection of priceless artifacts and we want to keep our building secure for them. Donations to the museum help with a variety of elements, including maintenance, upkeep, equipment and more.

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Archives - General

The archives are always busy with projects to help increase efficiency with finding historical and genealogical information. Donations to the archives help with projects in digitizing, purchasing equipment for better research practices and more.

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Special project – Fish Point Project

We pride ourselves in creating meaningful projects that will help protect, enhance and preserve our region’s history, heritage and culture. A current important project that we’re working on takes place at Fish Point. Fish Point was once the property of the descendants of Enoch Stanwood who settled there in 1792. The Fish Point property was willed to the Yarmouth County Historical Society by Adeline H Robbins. This site and the surrounding area (Stanwood’s Beach, Yarmouth Bar) has significant historical and cultural value. Yarmouth reached its peak as an international shipping port in 1878, second only to Saint John NB in total registered shipping tonnage. The Society erected a monument at Fish Point in 1961 in memory of all “the seafaring sons of Yarmouth County who going down to the sea in ships” made Yarmouth known worldwide. The Society has continued to maintain this site throughout the years.

Donations to the Fish Point project will go towards its preservation and the protection of Yarmouth Bar from further erosion. 

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