Donations In-kind

The Yarmouth County Historical Society has built its collection of 20,000-plus artifacts over many years. Unique artifact donations and archival material (also known as gifts-in-kind) that particularly pertain to Yarmouth Town or County's history are always welcome, and will be screened for acceptance by an Acquisitions Committee.

A gift agreement states that while the Historical Society is grateful for a donation to the collection, it is understood by the donor that the object(s) become the permanent property of the Museum/Archives, and may be displayed, loaned, retained or disposed of at the discretion of the Acquisition Committee.

A gift that is valued at, or supposed to be worth, CAD $1000 or more, must have a certified appraisal form completed that accompanies the piece. The "provenance," or chronological history and/or ownership of the artifact, is also requested, if it is known. Tax receipts will not be issued automatically and must be requested to the Chair of the Acquisitions Committee.

We do ask that you call before bringing in any possible artifact donation. An appointment will be made to suit your availability, as well as the Museum's staff. To make an appointment, please call (902)-742-5539 or e-mail

Cash & Property Donations

*Cash donations may be sent (online) through major credit cards and PayPal 

Cash donations or stocks are always greatly appreciated and will be put towards the specific requests of the donor, whether for building repairs, the employment of student summer workers, or a variety of other uses. A tax receipt of 100% of the cash donation will be issued immediately. Memorial donations are also accepted, and a card is sent to the surviving family member(s) with the donor's address listed, but not the monetary amount of the donation.

Bequests from estates would be deposited into the Historical Society’s endowment fund, which ensures the continuance of the running of the Yarmouth County Museum and Archives. A bequest can be anonymous or can be publicized within the broader community upon request.

If you wish to remember the Museum and Archives in your will, or to donate property, please contact the Director of the Museum and Archives, or the Treasurer of the Society, for further information and assistance.