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Maud Lewis gifts
Maud Lewis, a Nova-Scotian folk artist was known for her vibrant paintings, the subject of which usually being her community and the nature around her. Her paintings are described as joyful and are filled with bright colours, a contrast to her real life which had her and her husband living in a one room home with no running water, no indoor facilities, and no power, she also suffered from crippling arthritis which made it difficult to use her hands. Through her pieces of art, Maud lives on as a courageous woman and talented artist.
Maud shirt 
Maud Lewis Colouring and Activity Book 
Price: $6.95 each 
Maud cover sm2
Maud Lewis and the "Maudified" House Project 
by Sandra Phinney 
Price: $14.95
Totes Maud Totes Maud2
Tote bags 
Price: $17.95
Maud calendarnew
2020 Calendar 
Price: $9.99