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Other Local and Atlantic Canadian Books
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Featured Books:


Africa's Children: A History of Blacks in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia
Sharon Robart-Johnson
Price: $28.99

An accurate account of the lives of the Black families in Yarmouth County. 


Waking up in my own Backyard Explorations in Southwest Nova Scotia
Sandra Phinney
Price: $19.95
The story is a retelling of the author's 31-day summer adventure which took place 100 kilometers from her home. 


  Iceberg Alley

Bill Crowell
Price: $12.00

An action packed story set at Labrador Current, just off Newfoundland. 


Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Price: $9.95
The famed telling of Evangeline and Gabriel and their doomed love during the Acadian deportation. 
Also available: Evangeline for young readers by Hélène Boudreau, Illustrations by Patsy MacKinnon
Price: $12.95


Wharf-Rat: The Jamie Stories
Bill Crowell
Price: $12.00 

A collection of 15 stories regarding the life and times of a boy growing up in a small fishing village. 


 You Might be From Nova Scotia If...

Michael de Adder
Price: $19.95

A fun collection of observations that any Nova Scotian will laugh out loud from. Showcased by famed illustrator, Michael de Adder. 


Bluenose Ghosts
Helen Creighton
Price: $17.95
Ghost stories from famed folklorist, Helen Creighton. 



Mona Parsons
From Privilege to Prison, from Nova Scotia to Nazi Europe
Andria Hill-Lehr
Price: $22.95
A book chronicling the life and hardships of Mona Louise Parsons. 


A History of Nova Scotia in 50 Objects
Joan Dawson
Price: $21.95
This book is a result of historian Joan Dawson's search for the 50 objects that embodies Nova Scotia history and culture. 


Flapper Goldenshoes James Colbeck

Flapper Goldenshoes
James Colbeck
Price: $20.00
A children's book revolving around the penguin, Flapper Goldenshoes. This is a sequel to Colbeck's The Great Peanut Caper.


Maud Lewis - The Heart on the Door
Lance Woolaver
Price: $39.95
A telling of the life of famous artist, Maud Lewis. 

SS Atlantic Greg Cochkanoff

S.S. Atlantic, The White Star's First Disaster at Sea
Greg Cochkanoff and Bob Chaulk
Price: $24.95
S.S. Atlantic was built by the same company that built the Titanic, 42 years before. This book examines the disaster that happened to the S.S. Atlantic. 

If this is freedom Gloria Ann Wesley

If This is Freedom
Gloria Ann Wesley
Price: $19.95
This book is set in Birchtown and follows the lives and struggles of former slaves. 


The Nova Scotia Colouring Book
Yolanda Poplawska
Price: $14.95
A colouring book from the famed illustrator who brought you the Theodore Tugboat series. 

Land of the Loyalists Ronald Rees

Land of the Loyalists
Ronald Rees
Price: $19.95
A description of the buildings, and culture left behind by the Loyalists in the Maritimes. 

Peachie Carroll Monica Graham

The Great Maritime Detective
Monica Graham
Price: $19.95
A book about the life of Peachie Carroll.


First to Die
The first Canadian Navy casulties in the First World War
Bryan Elson
Price: $24.95
Following the first days of the Canadian Navy and the four young soldiers who lost their lives in the war.  


The Great Peanut Caper
James Colbeck
Price: $20.00
Following the adventures of the story's young lead, Percy Pierpont.


Yarmouth Reminiscences
(2 volumes)
Price: $50.00 (2 volumes)

These books provide a comprehensive look at Yarmouth history with a wide variety of topics; including churches, villages and more. 


The Taste of Nova Scotia Cookbook
Charles Lief and Heather MacKenzie 
Price: $29.95
A collection of popular recipes from Nova Scotia inns and restaurants, as well as home kitchens. 


Pantry and Palate 
Remembering and Rediscovering Acadian food 
Simon Thibault
Photos by Noah Fecks 
Price: $34.95
A collection of recipes from the author's Acadian roots.