People of Yarmouth County video series 

The People of Yarmouth County video series, made possible through the Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage’s Forward Fund, focuses on our region of Yarmouth County and some of the communities and cultural identities that encompass it.

The stories told in our six-part video series (plus 1 bonus video) are excerpts from longer interviews conducted by the Yarmouth County Museum and Archives staff. They are stories of both the past and the present, they are memories told by people of Yarmouth County. Some of the stories are funny, some are sad, and some will make you think. In total we conducted 29 interviews with people of varying ages and cultures who currently reside in Yarmouth County. The interviews were conducted in July and August 2017 by our summer staff; Tianna Williams, Meredith James, Adam LeBlanc, Grace McGray, Kate Aldacosta, Arielle Doucet, Cassidy MacLeod and Renee Dulong.

The full 29 interviews will be stored in the Yarmouth County Museum’s archives and will be made accessible to visitors. The six-part videos (with 1 bonus video) (which are a compilation of the interviews) are available here.  

“Yarmouth County Museum and Archives recognizes the support of the Province of Nova Scotia.  We are pleased to work in partnership with the Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage to develop and promote our cultural resources for all Nova Scotians.”

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Aurel Mooney, Hubert Hall, Jean Clulee and Vera Sollows 
Bernice d'Entremont, Marcel d'Entremont, Christine Amirault, Christine Pothier, Margaret d'Entremont and Yvette d'Entremont 
Charles and Susan Winship, Eric Charles Smith, Jim MacLeod and Rory Lennox
Leland Surette and Paul Tufts
John Prout, Peter Crowell, Mary Louise Killam, Ray Zinck 
Cerliana Hood, Dolores Atwood, Eric Ruff, Nhguyen Nhung (and John Sollows), Michael Carbonell and Vera Seame
Robert Earle, Tootsie Emin, Victor and Rosalie Indig