1935 note of Annie Moody Viets, Sarah`s daughter, giving journal to Frank Moody  

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Aunt Annie died 1938 The book was a birthday gift from her

Thursday A.M.

My Dear Frank, [Francis Wipple Moody]

I am sending; you one of my treasures knowing how well it will be valued by you and your dear ones. Do read it aloud with Jim and Betty. Note the wonderful advances in this time of travel, the maps, the sweet sketches and above all the clear beautiful mind beyond. Beyond – it certainly is. Grandfather Farish has quite an unusual mind and educated his daughters. The eldest ones himself. The last four had their advantages.

The party; Grandpa took his two daughters, my mother, Aunt Elizabeth (afterwards Mrs. George Tooker), Uncle George Bond

 Write on anything you do not comprehend in the book.  I went through it last night for the last time. Writing this on my lap – not much like dear mother’s neat hand – Love to you all

Lovingly your Aunt Annie

His niece Elizabeth - cousin Anna Murry’s sister –

Uncle George was Grandmother Farish’s brother.  The youngest – he built the Murry’s house. Married an English cousin died in California 1879 say. Brought the organ and the bell from England on one of his many voyages (for old church) – “picked them up” in Toronto, where Av Rd. Ch was having [unknown].

[unknown] Farish’s wedding was a success in [unknown] – the best of husbands in Edward Wilson, inspector of Royal Bank.

 I do not know how or when this “Aussie” was written or [unknown]

October 13th  [unknown] this is a birthday gift from Aunt Annie.