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Chapter 14.131- Yarmouth to Liverpool, Nova Scotia

Continued from 14.130- by the continued noise that no boiler had burst _ Indeed it was an awful moment, for we appeared to be upon the verge of eternity! -- A merciful Providence still preserved us, and after letting off all the steam and spreading what sail the boat had she was put back into Shag Harbour.

(Tuesday).  Lay there all that day & night repairing damages – next morning set off again – still so rough that I was not able to rise.  Mary, Maggie & Eliza were a little sick at first but soon as lively as crickets – Only one other female passenger, Miss Mc_ a very pleasant person.

An excellent Stewardess on board – Before sunset made Western Head and soon after dark safely anchored outside the bar -- Very unpleasant getting in the boat owing to the heavy swell. Children in high spirits at the thoughts of getting home again!

Found dear friends on the wharf ready to receive us – many of whom I doubt not thought me a great runaway, having been from Liverpool since this.

Here I was however once more at home,  & in spite of my long absence, found my dear husband and boys well, and happy to welcome us. ...continues on 14.132