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Chapter 13.129 - Boston to Yarmouth (continued)

Continued from 13.128- The boat landed us at the Old Wharf – we got up and into the house without being observed by anyone.  They knew not we were near til they found us at their bed-sides.  Quite happy & thankful to find each other safe and well.  My own dear girls had enjoyed perfect health ever since I left them five weeks ago.  Found also that my dear husband and boys were well at Liverpool and anxious for our return.

Oh my soul, wilt thou ever forget all these unmerited mercies! -- I pray not -- May the recollection of this new instance of God’s kind Providential care over three of his unworthy servants, stimulate us to fresh exertions to serve and please Our Heavenly Father who has been so merciful and long suffering towards us in all our wanderings by sea and by Land – by night and by day --  How wonderfully have we been preserved from accidents, the bare idea of which makes me shudder – We have been blessed with lovely weather – have met with great kindness from the persons with whom we have traveled, and without one exception have been treated with courtesy and attention; and, as if to crown all these memories, have returned and found all well, and happy to see us. ...continues on 13.130