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Chapter 13.128 - Boston to Yarmouth (continued)

Continued from 13.127- giving us a benefit down in our ‘Saloon’.  They were obliged to fasten down the hatches and cover them with canvas, to keep us from getting thoroughly wet.  The flour barrels made an awful creaking, and the meal bags would not keep at a respectable distance, but once or twice completely pushed poor Eliza out of her bed and kept the place for itself!

(Tuesday).  Papa and Eliza as well as myself were quite sick all night – glad indeed to hear it was morning, tho’ we could not see the light – nor get up so very rough was it.  At 11 o’clock they told us we were half way over the bay  - wind continued to blow hard and fair all day.  The Captain kindly made us each a bowl of nice gruel which refreshed us more than any thing we had tasted.

About sunset Seal Island was discovered a little to the southward, and a few hours after, Cape FourCha light was seen -- joyful tidings for us!

(Friday).  At day-dawn found ourselves passing Bunker’s Island – and presently were safely anchored opposite the town, having made the passage over from Cape Anne in 48 hours-  we all concluded the ‘George and Sarah’ did wonders – better vessels have done worse! ...continues on 13.129