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Chapter 13.126 - Yarmouth to Boston (continued)

Continued from 13.125- I trekked out to see the town – several handsome houses, and some pretty gardens.  A variety of Dahlias – I dare say the good folks of Glocester are happy as their neighbours, but really, I should not like it for as home – There is something very gloomy about it owing partly to its rocky soil and shores, and to the dull day, and our anxiety to reach home, but perhaps more than any thing to the contrast it bore to the pretty comfortable inland towns and villages, through which we had recently passed. 

At the same Hotel we met a plain but kind Lady & gentleman (from Marblehead) whose chat helped to pass away the evening.

Read B. Leslie today – much gratified with the work.

(Tuesday).  Weather not yet settled, but more favourable.  Had a fright last night.  The Lamp, which we have always kept burning since we left home, went out and I was waked from a sound sleep by, as I thought – the slam of a trap door, somewhere in our room.  Never was more frightened – lay awake for hours not daring to stir – not a sound was heard however and I fell asleep ...continues on 13.127