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Chapter 13.125 - Boston to Yarmouth (continued)

Continued from 13.124- ere we reached the entrance of G. Harbour.

Hundreds of small vessels were making their way to the same shelter.  The danger of our running against anchored vessels and of passing vessels running against us was very great – we soon knew it from the continual bustle and hollowing on deck.  The night too was pitchy dark and truly thankful were we to hear the anchor rattling down, at 9 or 10 o’clock. 

(Monday).  In the morning finding the weather still unfavourable, determined to go on shore to breakfast and to remain there until the storm had passed over.

This is a safe harbour, quite embayed with bold rocky shores, affording a good shelter to the multitudes of fishing vessels about these ports.  It was literally packed today.  The Captain pointed out to us the long rocky point at the entrance, where just a year ago the whole shore was lined with wrecks of vessels and mangled corpses.   All who could not make the harbour were cast upon the perpendicular rocks and with very few exceptions were lost.  We observed one schooner on the point, which must have run on last night in the dark.  They got her off safely during the day.

Found on shore a very comfortable boarding house, and made up our minds to wait patiently for favourable weather. ...continues on 13.126