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Chapter 13.124 - Boston to Yarmouth (continued)

Continued from 13.123 - pretty islands of their natural ornament, scarcely a clump of trees is left.  To be sure they have neatly smoothed off the green sward[1] but that does not make amends for the pretty trees.  There is a Fort on one of them, which I should think a British Man of War might knock to pieces in short time.  I got a blackish look from a Yankee on board for saying so.  Papa has had occasion now and then during our tour, to give me a slightly reproving look, for gratifying my vanity by such remarks – But really I am afraid there is too much of the old Adam[2] in my heart, for I could seldom allow an opportunity to pass without letting them know we were British subjects and giving them a shot. 

On we sailed pretty comfortably til noon, having got beyond Cape Ann.  The wind here began to fail and at last came invisibly ahead.  I think I never saw the sky with a more awfully threatening appearance than it had this afternoon, and considering it was the 24th of Sept, about time for our annual gales one need not wonder at our making the best of our way to Glouster, a fishing town, just within Cape Ann.  We had gone 12 miles east of the cape so that it was dark...continues on 13.125 

[1]A portion of ground covered with grass

[2] Refers to Adam of the Old Testament.