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Chapter 13.123 - Boston to Yarmouth

(Sunday).  Waked  betimes and finding wind fair, and weather favourable, took an early & hasty breakfast and made the best of our way to the ‘ship’ – Stopped a few moments to listen to a ranter who was holding forth near one of the wharves to a motley group of male and female listeners.  The subject “Teetotalism”, seemed interesting enough to us few, but most of them turned a deaf ear, which must have been rather discouraging to the preacher.  The streets in other respects very quiet, so different from all other days of the week.  Many Romans returning from Mattins.

Left the wharf, for dear home, at 6 ½ with a fair breeze.  The city looked very pretty, the morning being bright and pleasant.  Heard the alarm of fire as we passed, and could distinctly see it near South Boston.  The Yankees say this Harbour is one of the finest in the world.  It is certainly quite picturesque – but what a pity they have shorne most of the...continues on 13.124