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Chapter 12.122 - Boston (continued)

Continued from 12.121- They performed “ The Barber of Seville”, Cinderella, and several other pieces, a pretty Irish ballad, “Teddy O’Neale”, by Mrs. Meader.  “Ah What a hapless maid am I” – etc. etc. Mr. Jones a modest looking Welsh Gentleman, performed upon the harp several of his native airs.  “Poor Mary Anne”, was so applauded he was obliged to return and gratify the audience with another ballad – again was he forced to return, for they kept up such a thumping with canes I feel until he did so that it was enough to stun one.  The harp appeared to be as new and – delightful to the Bostonians as to ourselves.

The two ladies were handsomely dressed Mrs. S. in white satin, Mrs M. in black – low neck, short sleeves, long white kid gloves, etc.  The gentleman too, handsomely dressed.  The house was crowded.  The females all without their bonnets.  Many ladies near us very pretty, a wonder for Boston. Not the noble style of beauty so peculiar to English ladies, but of a more pale and interesting kind.  Had I been a gentleman I am sure one lady who sat nearly behind me, would have concluded without doubt, I was deeply in love – so often did I find myself admiring her lovely classical face. ...continues on 12.123