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Chapter 12.121 - Boston (continued)

Continued from 12.120- he “would have it cleaned and well aired” for us.  We made up our minds to be with almost any inconvenience provided we would get home safely, and in reasonable time.

Purchased 2 mattresses and warm comfortables towards our sea fitout -- limes, apples etc.  Had set my heart on taking a trip to Salem today, but must give it up.  Cars run daily between Boston & Salem, and a trip could be made with less expense than remaining here.  Had we waited for the steamer would probably have visited Plymouth also.  Found our way through many out-of-the-way streets to Fort Hik, I believe it is called, we had seen it on the plan and thought it must be worth seeing. An odd appearance – a green bit in the midst of the city.

Papa having procured tickets for us ( 2/6 ) we went this evening to the Melodeon, where we were to have an “operatic concert” – Neither of us, but especially Eliza, liked the idea of returning home without having heard some professed singers.  The principal performers were Mr. & Mrs. Seguin – Mr. & Mrs. Maeder – Mr. Archer and Mr. Shrival. ...continues on 12.122