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Chapter 12.120 - Boston (continued)

Continued from 12.119- The flowers pleased me much – Dahlias of every variety and colour.  Carnations German Astor – Verbenas of all kinds – Roses -- Quite a treat for Eliza and me.  Fine specimensof pumpkins, turnips, beets, carrots, cauliflower etc. etc.

Intended to have gone to Charlestown to visit the glass works but had not time -- have    not seen any work in glass excepting a man at the New York museum making stags, birds of Paradise, pens, ships, boxes, etc. for children.

We had heard this morning that a small schooner the “George & Tarat” would sail for Yarmouth early tomorrow morning.  We all walked to Sergeant’s wharf to see if we could possibly manage to get home in her.  There was certainly nothing prepossessing in her appearance- Cabin more motley and dirty than one could imagine.  Upon looking down the hatch however, we found her half full of flour and meal bags and the idea popped into our minds of fitting up a saloon in the hold – far preferable we knew it would be to any thing in the dirty cabin altho’ the Captain said ...continues from 12.121