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Chapter 12.119 - Boston (continued)

Continued from 12.118- 3 feet across, to a species almost invisible.  Many specimens of Birds Nests & Eggs.  The  Tailor birds nest very curious – Humming birds – southern hanging nests etc. etc.  Humming birds eggs the size of small white beans, showed oddly enough beside the ostrich eggs.  Snakes & reptiles of every kind – Huge Boar - can easily believe they have power sufficient to kill a man or a buffalo.

Have a great curiosity to see a meteorological stone – could not find one here.  Have vainly looked for them elsewhere.  A great variety of skeletons from the Elephant to the smallest of the quadruped tribe – one of an ostrich - Antelopes – birds – Many prepared beasts & birds.  Cannot even mention a hundredth part of the natural curiosities here.  One might spend several days with profit among them.

As we returned, stopped into see a collection of  prized fruit & flowers, which are exhibited every Saturday between 11 & 1 o’clock.  Peaches, apples, plums, grapes, pears, melons, vegetables of many kinds and flowers fine. ...continues on 12.120