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Chapter 12.118 - Boston (continued)

Continued from 12.117- The Common is certainly an ornament to the city, and will be much more so when the pretty trees shall have grown to their full size.  The most beautiful street I have seen is Summer Street.

The Masonic Temple with a fine gothic front.  Went to see a collection of plants.- many pretty and quite new to me – The whole building of glass.

Wishing to visit The National History Room, a friend procured for us the key.  We went, and locking the door inside, had it all to ourselves.  Stayed a long time, so great was the treat, altho’ we were hurried for time, the room exceedingly close and the day enough to melt Nova Scotians.

Found here, what I had rarely found in other museums a great variety of fossil remains.  Bones – footprints of monsters great & small – beautiful impressions of a small brown fish from Mt. Lebanon – impressions of ferns and mosses, leaves & shells- petrifications.  Hundreds of fine specimens of ones, -- precious stones.  Lovely shells of every possible variety, from an immense Madagascar scallop shaped shell, about ...continues on 12.119