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Chapter 12.117 - Boston (continued)

Continued from 12.116- except where the heavens are opened and his Guardian Angel again appears pointing out to him the glories of that better land where sin and sorrow cannot enter.

The cherubs and angels -- the wonderful brightness of the light which seems to pour down upon the white-headed old man is finely done !  He is on his knees – his hands clasped and raised toward Heaven in full resignation.

There are many other interesting pieces. “Elonive”(?). Portraits of some Bostonian Ladies and Gents. Decidedly the best portrait was “Lowet the poet, by M.Page of New York -- It is indeed to the very life.  TheTwo Boys – very good. A full length painting of Judge – very good.  Eliza took it for life several times upon turning round.

Not so many fine pieces here as at the Athenium, which we visited a month ago.  Stepped into a picture frame maker’s room in the same building.  Observed the method of putting on the leaves and shells, which are made of a soft composition. -- He told us he and the painters kept each other employed.  Seemed to think as highly of his profession as theirs.  Saw some old paintings there. ...continues on 12.118