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Chapter 12.115 - Boston (continued)

Roxbury itself showed imperfectly but very prettily by moonlight, for it was between 8 & 9 before we had finished our pleasant round.  Not a little fatigued, but quite delighted with our interesting drive, and the kindness and attention of our friend. 

(Friday)  Walked out to find a few articles for the children.  Searched some time ere we found the Tabernacle, a low brick building of the Millertes.  Hexagon, and one-storied.  Very low, but will accommodate a great many persons.

Went to see a fine collection of Paintings (tickets 1/3).  “The Artists Collection”  -- many visitors.  The great attraction is the four new pieces by Mr. Page (?)  of New York, which have just arrived.  They are allegorical – 8 or 10 feet high, and finely executed.

  I think they are called “The Voyage of Life”, or “The Seasons of Life”, forget which.  The first – “TheSpring of Life” represents the infant reclining in a splendid barge, gently floating on the stream, which issued from a lovely grotto or cave. His Guardian Angel at the helm, Hovers over him and protects him.  The landscape is very flowery and bright, like Spring, and the little fellow is quite happy.

The Summer of Life shows the babe grown to manhood, his barge still beautiful, and ...continues on 12.116