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Chapter 12.114 - Boston (continued)

Continued from 12.113- We saw many parties walking about, and through the different shady avenues.  E & I plucked a bunch of flowers as a memento, little thinking there is a fine of $25 for a person who commits a trespass of any kind.  No one saw us however, and thus we escaped – will certainly take care to keep our fingers off when we visit Mt. Auburn again!

Upon coming to the entrance, we found it closed.  We had heard the sunset bell for closing the gates, while at a distant part of the grounds, but not knowing the meaning of it, had kept on rambling about.  Fortunately, one of the gates were not finished and a workman being there, let us pass through.  There would have been no joke in remaining there all night !

This was a most lovely evening!  The sun had set about 10 minutes before we left the cemetery.  Saw what I had never seen before – a fine Zodiacal Light[1] – A most interesting night!  Am not at all surprised the comet of last winter was at first mistaken for one, so much did it resemble it.

Drove toward the city by the Roxbury road, passing extensive farms, beautiful orchards & gardens.  Many persons from these parts supply the city market with fruit, vegetables etc.  The ornamental trees seem to have been growing for centuries.

[1]a faint, diffuse white glow seen in the night sky that appears to extend up from the vicinity of the Sun