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Chapter 12.113 - Boston (continued)

Continued from 12.112- Upon entering, the most striking feature to me was the noble growth of native forest trees – of every variety.  The different hues of green gave a fine effect.  The pine especially, a magnificent avenue of these trees with their sombre, misty foliage, commenced at the entrance, throwing a melancholy feeling across the mind quite in unison with this consecrated abode of the dead.  These suitable feelings are however partly dispelled upon observing the silly tasks of many who have placed around the graves of their friends, beds of annuals - china Astors – poppies – pinks etc.  which certainly convey to the mind none of those bad[?] thoughts in which we love to indulge which looking down upon the narrow abodes of such as multitude of human creatures, once as full of health and life as ourselves.

Here are many fine monuments, broken columns, obelisks, pyramids, pillars, etc of every design.  Once like a temple from Italy, not very striking either, 3 or 4000 of the finest marble.  Many vaults after the Egyptians.  I believe we walked over every part where avenues had been opened in search of the monument of the dead child, but could not find it.  There is a pretty view of the city from the highest point of the grounds, or mount as it is called, ...continues on 12.114