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Chapter 12.112 - Boston (continued)

Continued from 12.111- But as we had all just enjoyed a good view from the State House dome, and had no time to spare, we walked about the hill admiring the fine shape of the obelisk, and the handsome iron railings, with the four entrances encircling the foot of the hill – all in the Egyptian style.

Pleased with Charlestown -- quiet and pretty -- drove through old Cambridge, and Cambridge Port.  Passed the congregational college, a cluster of old fashioned buildings. 

The new granite library is very beautiful indeed – smaller but after the exact design of Henry VIII Chapel at Westminster.  Many large and beautiful trees about the college and through every part of old Cambridge.  Reached Mount Auburn after a circuit of 10 or 12 miles. (3 miles from the city by direct route).

8 or 10 empty carriages outside the walls, parties rambling about within – The fine granite entrance is after the design of an Egyptian Propylon with globe, wings, serpent, etc. over the gateway.  This Egyptian style of architecture has much interest and novelty for me.  This cemetery contains 100 acres.  First person interred in it Mrs Hamish Adams, in 1832. ...continues on 12.113