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Chapter 12.111 - Boston (continued)

Soon after we had dined, Mr. Colms called with a coach, and drove us out to McAuburn.  We took the direction towards Charlestown, and in our way visited the Dock Yard, where everything seemed neat and orderly, but nothing equal, even to Halifax (I think it superior), and this they say is the best in the Union! 

How fortunate for them, Great Britain did not give them a sample of her shot a few years ago! When they deserved it.  There was a dry dock worth seeing, but as it chanced to be wet then, I could not see much of it.  Walked through a frigate.  Papa seemed quite at home while on board.  I really think several of those about thought they belonged to the ship – went through rope walks – very lengthy.

Bunker Hill monument, which we next took in our route, has a very imposing appearance -- of a plain obelisk shape, and constructed of fine granite – base 30 feet square – 220 feet high.  (It’s simplicity its greatest beauty – a rare quality in the U.S.). 

I think it has been 9 years in building – finished 17 June 1843.  The skirmish which it commemorates was fought in 1775.  There are two modes of getting to the top, where there is a grand look out – one by winding stairs (for 3½d), the other by steam (for 1/3). ...continues on 12.112