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Chapter 12.109 - Boston (continued)

Continued from 12.108- were obliged to leave.  Could have remained an hour or two longer.  On Saturday I hear there is to be a public exhibition – must certainly go should we be in Boston still.

Five bells again this evening  - A large store burnt in East Boston.  Could see the whole sky in that direction lighted with the red flames.  How little persons seem to trouble themselves about a fire unless it be in the very neighbourhood.  A fire, which to us appears an appalling event, is to them, an every days occurrence.

This is the sixth or seventh alarm we have heard.  At New York too, each night we were there the fire bells told us the fearful element was doing it’s work.

(Thursday)  Tremont Bow – good shops – rather cheaper they say than at the more fashionable ones of Washington Street.  Purchased McCuddy’s worsted patterns – looked through a fine collection of them.  Always makes it a rule to stare into the shop windows just as much and as often as I like.  Often step in and ask the prices when I see anything I should like to examine.  A splendid Harp – ‘only 700 dollars’ – “Oh, quite too much for my purse” ...continues on 12.110