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Chapter 12.108 - Boston (continued)

Continued from 12.107- many other interesting children totally blind, and a pair of deaf & dumb twins – fine children, about 7 years old.

They were all at their studies when we entered.  Some mental arithmetic, some reading, others writing, many at work.  We purchased a few articles made by them and a piece of knitting by Laura.  This is a nice looking girl – 16 years old – tall and slender – wears a green bandage across her eyes.  Oliver is a good humoured little fellow, very intelligent, quite won my heart.  I should like to note a hundred things of interest, but fear I cannot do them credit – must trust to memory.

We passed to the room when the boys were at school, their teacher an intelligent blind man.  From this room to the working apartment.  Men weaving mats – making mattresses, cane chairs, etc., etc.  How wonderful to observe them find their way about their rooms.

The Library was worth seeing – about 20 vol[ume]s of the Bible, each 2 feet long, hundreds of smaller books, all in the raised letters with which the blind read.

In the Hall is a terrestrial globe, 2 yds diameter, with brass raised work.  At 1 o’clock, their dinner bell rang and we...continues on 12.109