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Chapter 12.107 - Boston (continued)

An opportunity by some sailing vessel must certainly offer before that – and the first we must take -- no dependence upon Whitney’s boats!

Went this afternoon to see a general muster & sham fight. Plenty of good powder fired away & noise enough – Lancers looked very well, and the Bostonians around us seemed to imagine it “first rate”

Could not but smile to see with what difficulty they (Officers & Police) drove the noisy boys from the common – Independent little fellows!  One of them actually took the officer’s horse by the bridle and many disputed their ground step by step - The day was warm, and we returned quite fatigued. 

(Wednesday) Visited the blind asylum at South Boston, and were much interested.  We saw Laura Bridgeman, and Olive Caswel how were deaf, dumb & blind, but could converse as freely with their instructors as if they had the use of the tongue, and this only by the touch of the fingers.  They both wrote for us their autographs, and seemed very contented and happy. There were...continues on 12.108