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Chapter 12.106 - Boston (continued)

Continued from 12.105 - private boarding house, a comfortable room. 

(Tuesday).  We found ourselves refreshed by a good night’s rest, but the kind hostess, being an acquaintance of Deborah’s, would take nothing for our night’s lodging.  Took breakfast at the cottage after which rambled around Roxbury – Romantic indeed among the immense puddling stone rocks and the fine hickory nut and oak trees. A good view of the city from an old embankment (the remains of a fortification upon the highest ground in the neighbourhood).  Jamaica Plains also in the sight.  Lots of Barberrys growing wild.  Passed many lovely cottages.

After spending a very pleasant morning at McCollin’s, Papa came out for us, and we bidding adieu to D. & E., returned to the city.  They set off as was intended at 4 o’clock in the afternoon.

Happy to find Fred G. had letters for us from dear friends.  The first we had received since leaving home.  All’s well.

           Greatly disappointed to find the N.A. will not be at Boston this week – What shall we do?  Cannot think of remaining here for a whole fortnight!