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Chapter 12.105 - Boston (continued)

Continued from 12.104- Our friends at home would have wondered to see Eliza and I in the midst of hundreds of strangers.  We hugged each other arms tight enough and kept our eye fixed upon Papa, who stood near the immense pile of baggage, ready to pounce upon ours when the number should be called.  At last we secured it and set off for Washington St. To find an Omnibus to Roxbury, as Eliza and I had accepted Deborah’s invitation to spend the remainder of our time with her at her pretty cottage at Roxbury – and now commenced our disappointments. Deborah had waited for us more than a week, and fearing it was getting late in the season, for her and Elizabeth’s visit to New York & Elizabeth Town, had packed up all her furniture intending to leave in the cars tomorrow. 

Their spare beds etc. had been taken into the city, as McCollin’s and D. entered boarding at Pearl St. House this winter.  Here we were nicely ‘fixed’ as Yankees would say.  We all however tried to make the best of what could not be avoided, and after an hour’s chat, and a refreshing cup of tea, at D’s, she sallied out to engage for us at a neighbouring ...continues on 12.106