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Chapter 11.103- Albany to Boston (continued)

Continued from 11.102- reminding us strongly of Liverpool – quite glad to see the rocks tho’.

The Catskill Mountains show beautifully at 30 miles distant – of a bluish tint --  -- clouds floating half way down their sides.  The cars moved rapidly at the rate of 20 miles an hour.  Stopped for a few minutes at several towns and villages.  Half the distance to Boston is Springfield, a fine large and flourishing town.  Here we stopped an hour, and refreshed ourselves with a fine cup of tea, and custard pie.  The town looked so prettily, as we passed through, that I am sure it would have been pleasant to remain a day or two -- but we felt too anxious to reach Boston, that we might learn something of the movements of the North America.

This morning’s ride of 100 miles to Springfield, had not at all fatigued us, altho’ the weather was very warm. 

Indeed in some of these sheltered villages, there seemed not a breath of air.  They raise peaches, pears, grapes etc. in profusion.  The passers-by might easily imagine that in some of these ...continues on 11.104