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Chapter 10.100 - Kingston to Oswego, then Albany (continued)

Continued from 10.99 - Soon after breakfast, walked towards St. Paul’s Church.  The superintendent of the Sunday School kindly permitted us to enter.  We were much gratified with the mode of instruction.  The children attend twice during the day.

The oldest of the female teachers, about my own age, appeared a very amiable person.  She was very kind to me, and promised if I came in the afternoon before the service to take me into the infant school in an upper part of the church.

The Rev’d. McKip is rector of the parish of St. Paul’s.  Of a very imposing appearance am afraid he is not in good health.  Mr. K. Must be of German extraction, his manner of pronouncing some words reminded me so much of our honest Dutch folks at dear home.  Text – Hebrews 2.11.  “He is not ashamed to call them brethren”.  A most excellent sermon – very eloquent, his attitude simple and majestic; and his countenance one of the finest I had ever seen.

This day was really a hot one, and after reaching our rooms, were too much fatigued to hasten back to Church ...continues on 10.101