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Chapter 10.99 - Kingston to Oswego, then Albany (continued)

Continued from 10.98 - think it prevents sickness which some feel in the cars.  These sparkling crystals are found embedded in the limestone about the neighbourhood.  ‘Tis surprising to see how expertly the little chaps skip on and off the cars with their plums, apples, pears, candy etc., etc.  Often with newspapers too.

For some miles, the rail road, turnpike, canal and river run on so near together that we could see at no great distance canal boats and gigs passing us.  We reached the inclined plane within a mile or two of Albany, about 5 o’clock, and descended in good order, leaving the locomotive at the top.  I must say I was relieved when we reached the bottom in safety for there would be no joke were the ropes to give way which hold 19 well laden cars.

Entered this fine old city again, & after tea strolled around some of the oldest streets.  Queer looking places enough.  Many double-pitched roofs.  Indeed roofs of all sorts – Narrow streets in these old parts.  Walked about till quite late. ...continues on 10.100