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Chapter 10.98 - Kingston to Oswego, then Albany (continued)

Continues from 10.97 - hotel a few steps from the depot, but that was of little consequence compared with loosing our passage – This was the second papa had bought for the express purpose of loosing.  In a minute we were on the move -- cars full -- 19 of them not including the locomotive.  We went on pretty fast_19 or 20 miles an hour.

Stopped for a few moments at several towns.  Passed through Rome, Utica, Schenectady, which we had seen on our way up the Erie Canal.  Rome & Utica looked prettier than ever.

The Mohawk, which runs through a delightful tract of country, is followed by the rail road from its source almost to its mouth.  The “German Flat”, which occupies part of the Mohawk Valley, is very fertile and highly cultivated.  Immense fields of Indian corn – brown corn -- pumpkins etc.

Passed a limestone tract “Little Falls”_ a very picturesque spot indeed.  Stopped for a few minutes at a village a little further on, where boys brought handfuls of Diamonds into the cars “only 1 cent a dozen” -- At almost every stop, poached corn were handed in which they sold by the cob.  Many...continues on 10.99

*Bed bugs or Lice

*Now Lake Onondaga