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Chapter 10.97 - Kingston to Oswego, then Albany (continued)

Continued from 10.96- but precious little sleep for me that night – indeed.  cannot sleep at all lately – don’t signify – must get home soon.  These round, flat-backed-gentry plague poor Eliza almost to death!!  Obliged to turn out upon the floor to get rid of them – not the first time either!

At 5 this morning, found ourselves at Syracuse having come 36 miles during the night.  This is certainly the least fatiguing mode of travelling to some people.  Syracuse is a very pretty town indeed.  Took an excellent breakfast – cars to be ready at 6 – thinking we had 15 minutes to spend, we walked with a Syracusian to the summit of a high hill to see the beauties of his town.  Had a full view of it and the surrounding country – particularly the salt works which cover many acres of land.  Their thatched coverings give a curious appearance.  Oneida Lake lay in the distance, the town of Liverpool on its banks.  Also Salina[1] Lake, where the water is raised for evaporation in the salt works.

Err we were aware our 15 minutes had passed, and we were within a straw of being too late.  Had to run for it!  How we got in don’t know -- I was muddied! Eliza almost squeezed to a mummy with a cart!  Papa’s umbrella was at the...continues on 10.98 

[1] Now Lake Onondaga.