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Chapter 10.96 - Kingston to Oswego, then Albany (continued)

Continued from 10.95- with red woollen comforters about their waists.  Indeed it was evident their chief aim was to look independent & something uncommon.  A little boy’s disk of trainencandy was so tempting and reminded us so strongly of “old times” that we were children enough to buy some of his fine large sticks.  Lots of fine pears and apples about.  Walked up on the parade to see a volunteer company exercising.  A youngster told us he “guessed the best in the state”.  If this be the best, what must the worst be? – 26 men and 2 officers.

Spent our 2 spare hours very pleasantly strolling about the town, and at six o’clock, “got on” the fine canal boat with 3 good trotting horses and set off up the Oswego Canal in fine style hoping to reach Syracuse by 5 or 6 next morning.  Remained upon the top more than an hour until it was  too dark to see the country.  The banks of the river after leaving the town are high and prettily cultivated.  The canal leaves and fall again into the river several times, causing a pleasing variety.

At 9, our sleeping cots were arranged, ...continues on 10.97