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Chapter 10.95 - Kingston to Oswego, then Albany (continued)

Continued from 10.94 - flat and marshy.  Some covered with wood, others partially cultivated with a few lots and barns scattered over them. As it was still blowing pretty fresh, and having passed the finest islands, we lay down to prevent seasickness.  We thus missed seeing Sackett’s Harbour, where we stopped for 10 or 15 minutes.  The stewardess telling us “it was not worth getting up to look at”.  We had on board beside other female passengers, Miss Johnston, the “smart” daughter of Bill Johnston, the famous buccaneer of the Thousand Isles, during the Canadian outbreak.  Reached Oswego at 4 in the afternoon.  Another rising American village.  The whole mouth of the harbour is sheltered from the waves of Lake Ontario by long piers or breakwaters.   Found it quite a holiday with the Oswegans.  A “Gineral trainin”as a boy told us was going on.  The companies had just been dismissed when we arrived, and such a motley squad I never beheld! - They had dressed to suit their own fancies – Republican like.  Many wore cast off feathers, stuck jockery like, into old caps.  Some with fur ones, altho’ the sun was scorching hot – many coats of very light blue homespun ...continues on 10.96