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Chapter 9.93 - Toronto to Kingston (continued)

Continued from 9.92- higher than at sea, owing to the comparative shallowness of the water.  And perhaps from fresh water being lighter than salt water.

All the female passengers were as sick as ourselves.  There was a fine English Lady on board, with her two lovely children.

How very pleasant it was after hearing so much Yankee twang, to listen to the good sound English, Scotch, or Irish accent.  One hears every variety here.

(Thursday 14th)  This was also a superior boat.  Excellent Stewardess – much interested in her -- poor thing.

Reached Kingston at 11 o’clock A.M. several hours longer than the usual time, owing to the high and head wind and rain.  This city looks very well as you approach.  The suburbs especially are very pretty.  (a fine granite cross surmounts the church at Kingston.)

Remained in the city the rest of the day.  Rained incessantly so that we could not venture out at all.

We had serious thoughts, after spending another day here, of keeping on our course down the St. Lawrence to Montreal, and most likely to Quebec also, but the rainy weather has thrown a sort of a damper over our plans.  This may be the commencement of the rainy season, which would quite prevent our enjoying the grand scenery about the ‘Thousand Isles’, which we are told is very striking.  But the chief reason on my side is that by thus lengthening our...continues on 9.94