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Chapter 8.92 - Toronto (continued)

Continued from 8.91 - at his place just out of town, begging us to take a walk out and look at them (and to purchase of course!)  Went to see a fine steamer at a distance.  Surprised to see so many fine hansome shops.  No packages, boxes etc. to iniommodi foot passengers.   This is a great nuisance in the American towns and cities.  Every superfluous box is crowded on the edge of the sidewalk.  Here there is not an article in your way. (The wharves in this town are very peculiar.)

Had no idea before that soldiery was such an ornament to a city – observed the great want of it in all the towns through which we have passed.  Much wonder whence would come the men to stand against the disciplined veterans of Great Britain! - out of “the bush”, I suppose.

After strolling around the prettiest part of the town -- took dinner and went on board the packet steam ship for Kingston 180 miles down the lake.  A company of soldiers with their officers and families came on board in fine order.  Toronto certainly looks prettily from the lake.