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Chapter 8.91 - Toronto (continued)

Continued from 8.90- [alter] were the Lord`s Prayer, Belief, and Ten Commandments, beautifully done in gold, upon a white marble ground. 

The desk & pulpit covered with crimson velvet, edged with gold fringe – gold tassels upon the cushions.  The whole had a rich appearance.

The next thing to be seen was the ‘Old King’s College’, which is about to be much enlarged and beautified.  The Governor is said to have come to town partly for this purpose.  The avenue leading to the college is upwards of ¾ of a mile in length, and beautifully bordered on either side with an impenetrable thicket of forest and ornamental trees.

Met deputations of 20 or 25 gentlemen going to meet the Governor.  Passed the house at which he stopped – officers, soldiers, and gentry of the city without number – but did not catch a glimpse of the great man himself,

Walked through the well-supplied market.  Met an old gardener in the street with fine cockscomb, begged him to stop that we might examine it.  Measures ½ yard across the top of the flower!

He assured us he had many more as fine ...continues on 8.92