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Chapter 8.90 - Toronto (continued)

Continued from 8.89- a warm hearted Churchman.  He was quite pleased to find we were real church people as well himself, and I the wife of a clergyman, asked my name over two or three times, and wondered we came from “so far off”

Went up into the pulpit and brought away as a memento, a sheaf of paper on which was written the lessons for a former Sunday – hope it was not sacrilege.

This is quite a new building erected upon the site of the former church which was accidentally burnt a few years ago.  All the woodwork of the present building is of black walnut, the native growth of the country – a beautiful wood it is.  Every part, from the Bishop’s throne, to the free seats for the poorest of the congregation.

Pillars to support the gallery of cast iron.  Three stained glass windows over the chancel – one representing Moses, with the Tablet of the Law.  The other, Isaiah holding a book, and the centre our blessed Saviour, healing the sick, blind lame, etc.  Beneath these windows, and directly over the alter ...continues on 8.91