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Chapter 8.89 - Toronto (continued)

Continued from 8.88- day’s exertion, expecting however to be devoured by the flat-backed gentry – to which hangs a tale! which Eliza or I will ever forget.

(Wednesday) Strolled all around through different streets.  Very much struck with the comparative stillness of the city.  Everyone here seems to be going about their business in a quiet, moderate way, not so in the American towns.  There is, especially in the rising one, such a feverish, unnatural excitement, a constant driving to and fro, as if folks thought of nothing but going ahead. 

Such a continual running with valises, carpetbags & travelling baskets I never wish to see again.  I would not live in one of those towns for all the world.  No.  Give me dear quiet Liverpool, again with dear friends around me well and safe, and I shall be happy indeed.

As we stood admiring the fine Cathedral of St. James, built of stone, with a handsome spire, we fortunately saw the old sexton entering.  Following him we asked for admittance, which readily granted.  He is a fine old white-haired man from Ireland, and ...continues on 8.90