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Chapter 8.88 - Toronto (continued)

Continued from 8.87- On leaving the steamer we passed under an arch of evergreens, flags, etc., which had been erected at the head of the wharf for His Excellency, who had arrived from Kingston just before us.

It seemed to be quite a holiday in the city and altho' nearly sunset when we arrived.  Walked out toward King Street, the finest in the city, and had our eyes gladdened with the sight of British soldiers once more.  The Highland band were playing most beautifully, and chanced to draw up near to where we had taken our stand -- so that we had a full view of their fine national costume -- splendid plumes -- but -- naked legs! -- Yes, really naked. This being the first time I had seen Scottish soldiery, I could not believe papa, but imagined it must be flesh -- coloured leather -- But-- upon a near view, there was "no mistake" !

Walked out again after tea -- King Street is the best lighted one we had seen anywhere. The gas was bright, and the whole vista beautiful.

Many elegant shops -- A Chimists’*, more so than any we had see in New York or Boston.

Went to bed quite fatigued with our...continues on 8.89

*A chemist in French; perhaps a perfume maker.