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Chapter 7.86 - Niagara (continued)

Continued from 7.85- The appearance of Queenston, as we approached from the Heights, was beautiful -- interspersed with clumps of fine trees. many picturesque bluffs about the town, and its situation being rather low, with highlands in the rear, gives a most comfortable aspect to the whole town.  Should have liked much to remain a day or two here, but being anxious to see Toronto, and observing the steamer ready at the wharf only waiting for passengers that might be in our car' we passed quickly from the high land to the town in an omnibus, as the car never descends the heights. Had time while they were changing the baggage to take a rapid sketch. Off we went at no slow pace along the winding road which passing through the town gave us an opportunity of seeing something of it.

We were soon on board the fine British steamship "The Sovereign" and in half an hour were steaming it down Niagara River.  Looking back upon Queenston, and up the pent up river, with the monument crowning the height beyond the town, the view is very picturesque indeed.  The banks of the Niagara below this, is comparatively...continues on 7.87