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Chapter 7.85 - Niagara (continued)

           By another sudden turn of the road, Brock's Monument is brought full in view -- An imposing and interesting object it is to a British heart! --There it stands, crowning the very summit of the heights, a noble spectacle to all the country around -- but, shame to tell! A monument also to American jealousy and rancour. On the night of the 17th April 1840; during the late rebellion in Canada, some miscreants from the opposite shore, conceived the base design of destroying this monument of British glory. They had inserted a large quantity of gunpowder through a small opening 15ft from the ground, hoping of course to bring the whole column to the earth.  Had the Americans built it no doubt it would have fallen to their hearts content - but, being British work, it refused to bow, and kept its position nobly! The whole column however is rent from the top to the bottom -- dome fallen -- tablet split, and keystone started from its place. It was erected over the remains of the brave Brock, and his aid de camp McDonald[1] -- They fell[2] in the moment of victory, having forced back the enemy over the immense heights that bound Niagara River. (October 13th, 1812) ...continues on 7.86 

[1] Brock’s aide-de-camp.

[2] October 13th, 1812