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Chapter 7.84 - Niagara (continued)

Continued from 7.83- foot by the Americans and midway, where the fight was the hottest, and the British Artillery did most execution, many brave soldiers are buried. - A most interesting spot. Gathered oak leaves from the grave of one of the officers who died next day after the battle, of his wounds.

As we returned, rambled through a beautiful forest of pines, oaks, sycamores etc. which the proprietors intend laying out as a city -- to be call "The City of the Falls" -- Little more than half a mile from the Falls a fine specimen of a Canadian Forest.

Returning to the inn we took a comfortable dinner and were in the car at 1 o'clock -- (each ticket costing us 3/9).

Liked this mode of travelling very much -- car drawn by 3 horses upon rail road.  Had a pleasant journey. The fine sandy level country (this is called the table land of the ‘ridge’) -- good farms -- nothing very striking until we reached Queenston Heights.  Here suddenly terminates the stratum of limestone which forms the bed of Niagara R. above the Falls, and continues to these heights. The appearance is grand and unexpected as the road turns along the side of the heights.