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Chapter 7.83 - Niagara (continued)

              Not being able to afford more time for the vicinity of Niagara, we took our last view of the American side, and crossing at the ferry took coach at the landing for Lundy Lane.  At the top of the winding road, which takes you up the almost perpendicular side of the precipice, we all turned to take a last look at Niagara! -- it was only for a moment -- the coach drove on, and presently, a turn in the road hid all from our sight! -- from our bodily sight -- for sure I am the mental vision must ever retain and profit by the sublime ideas it has received, while contemplating this stupendous work of the Almighty!

           Leaving our baggage at an inn where the car stops, for we had determined to go on in it to Queenston today, we walked on about half a mile further to Lundy Lane where in 1814 was a battle fought, between the British and American forces.  The British claimed the victory, but the enemy called it a "drawn battle". The Battle ground is a fine hill, on, and around which is fast springing up-a flourishing village.  The summit, on which the Church now stands, was occupied by the British, the...continues on 7.84