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Chapter 7.81- Niagara (continued)

Continued from 7.80- most probable especially as there is even now a constant change going on. There occurs occasionally a falling down of fragments of rocks. The shale at the bottom is destroyed by the action of the water, spray and frost, and the limestone being thus undermined falls down. There is generally allowed to be a recession of one foot -- every year. The American Fall, which 30 years ago was nearly straight, is yearly becoming more crescent shaped. The centre has given way and there is an indentation of about 30 feet. The Horseshoe also has been considerably altered, not being so regularly crescent-shaped as formerly. The parts about Table Rock have been so much changed since 1675, that the grand cascade from West to East which Father Hennepin paints in such glowing colours has quite disappeared !  It is therefore evident things are not stationary and the grand question is, whether by this action the whole Falls have been formed in this manner. 

I will set down here for the sake of refreshing my memory, a few facts which I have met with in a small work on this subject.

"The river Niagara flows out of Lake Erie and runs gently along to Grand Island being on a level with Upper Canada on the one side, and New York on the other. From Lake Erie, to the rapids, 16 miles, the fall- of the river is not more than 20 feet. The height of Lake Erie above the level of the sea is 565 feet...continued from 7.80